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MRR Self Improvement ebook “Inward Peace Affirmation” looks at Why Affirmations Are Important For Inner Peace, How To Use Affirmations Effectively For Inner Peace, How To Get On The Right Path, I’m Free Affirmation, Abundance Affirmation, Feeling Peaceful Affirmation, Live Free And Happy Affirmation and Enlightenment Affirmation. MRR ebook comes with pdf, resale site and […]


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Self Improvement MRR ebook “Affirmation Basics” looks into Intro To Affirmative Prayer, Intro To Cosmic Ordering, Intro To Creative Visualization, Intro To Mantras, Achieving A Positive Mindset, Writing Affirmations, Using Affirmations, Advantages And Disadvantages. MRR ebook comes with pdf, special report, promo email, article, squeeze page, ecovers and resale pages. View Demo Sales Page . […]


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Self Improvement MRR package “Affirmations” comes with articles, 5 affirmations ebooks, 10 pdf daily affirmations, 5 goal trackers (spreadsheets), license package, 15 Posters, video course and 11 wall papers. Membership download (135 MB zip) [Content protected for Member members only] or buy MRR “Affirmations” below.   Affirmations  $4.89


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Self Improvement MRR package “Affirmation Videos” covers How affirmations change your life, Visualizing what you want, Writing your affirmations script, Engaging your affirmations in a visual – auditory – physical and emotional way, Guidelines for writing affirmations (present tense, positive, personal and specific). MRR package comes with 6 videos & transcripts, ecovers, squeeze page & […]