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If for some reason there are no download links here > please check inbox of your email. An email is sent with all transactions to your Paypal address. This email contains links to downloads. If this fails just email and I will get download to you. > Mike @ PLR-MRR-Download

42 thoughts on “Thank You! For Your Purchase

  1. Tried to download product and it did not work. Tried to email address listed for problems but did not work. Please help.

  2. You have a misspelling on page 22 and some of the info in this book is outdated, page rank for example. I need permission to edit the ebook, or a refund, please.

  3. Hi – I’ve just signed up for membership and am finding the information really useful.

    However I can’t see how I can unsubscribe at a later date if I need to. Can you let me know how to do this?


  4. Hi Fiona, you can just cancel through PayPal. Also if you wish I can cancel for you, just send me a comment. Thx! > Mike

  5. Mike, the ebook is not editable in PDF. Please give me a link to the text version or refund the money. I can’t use the book the way it is now.

  6. Hey Mike,

    Great site! Great price too!

    I was a member of the Unselfish Marketer’s site for a while, and got some great information. Right now, I’m looking for some high-quality current (2015) video courses about Facebook marketing, YouTube marketing, SEO marketing etc. Do you offer anything like that, and if not, can you suggest anyone? I am not looking for MRR or anything like that, just to be able to sell them on my site. Looks like you have a number of good courses, but they are for personal use only. :o( Thanks in advance for your swift response

  7. Hi Brian, most of the good video packages only allow “personal use” to be added to membership sites. You pretty well have buy from the original creators for some type of resell rights (many allow resell, master resell rights). Usually if you buy a package that seller will promote other people’s products which does keep you in touch with new releases. I’m actually building a strictly shopping cart where I can sell resell rights on such items (I paid for product, might as well resell rights also). > Hope this helps > Mike

  8. Hello I just purchased the package but did not see that it couldn’t be edited. Please refund

  9. Hi Mike, I just purchased the course called “How to Raise Fast Cash.” However, whenever I try to download the course it wouldn’t download. I was wondering if you could send me a direct link or if I could be refunded if that would not be possible. Thanks for the help.

  10. Hi Joe, I will register you and forward details in a personal email. Please check your spam folder if not received > Mike

  11. Hey Mike just reading through the comments and just wanted that I really appreciate how diligently you respond to your customers, keep up the hard work!

  12. hi mike, enjoyed reading some of this but feel a lot of this is too out of date now, do you have an updated version, can i alter it or otherwise i’m going to need to ask for a refund.

  13. Hi,

    I just purchased the Mobile App Marketing, App Gangster, and the Apps Army. The Mobile App Marketing did not come with the resale pages as suggested. Is it possible for you to send those pages to me?

  14. Hi Nelson, I have refunded purchase. I will pull this product if lacking components of package. Sorry for this > Mike

  15. Hi

    Any download link appears. when I click on any product it shows me ADD TO CART and redirect me to paypal.

    How to download ? I already paid monthly fees.


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