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Web page design MRR instruction video set “Frontpage Made Easy” comes with 11 videos: How to prepare all your website files on your computer so that everything will be organized right from the beginning, How to edit the page title, description, saving the page, creating & working with tables, changing the background, adding the header & footer images. Working with the headline & sub-headline text, text fonts, style, properties & highlighting.  Working with tables, cells, images, hyperlinking a text, & specifying a target frame for a link.   Working with more tables, images, adding the audio & video testimonials.  Working with more tables and cells, creating the testimonial table & working with picture properties.  How to add the Flash audio file, inserting the javascript date and time, adding a ‘drop-down’ alphabet image, aligning an image which is located in a cell to be placed on top & adding a ‘blockquote’ to a paragraph.  Creating a table for the testimonial, working with picture properties & adding a Flash video. Working with more tables & images.  Working with the horizontal line & text bullets and Creating a ‘dotted-line’ table or the ‘Johnson Box’, working with the order table, text & hyperlinks. MRR video set comes with Flash videos and resale pages. View Demo Sales Page . Membership download (91 MB zip) [Content protected for Member members only] [Content protected for Memberplus members only] or buy MRR “Frontpage Made Easy” below.

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Frontpage Made Easy Video Set