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Resell Rights Niche Audio set “Living With Diabetes” includes 5 audio files averaging 5:00 min run time each. Audios combine to teach the basics of living with this all to common health condition. Text format transcripts for each audio are included. This versatile audio set comes with the following Resell Rights license > [YES] You can sell the audios, [YES] You can repackage the audios with another product, [YES] You can offer the audios as a bonus to a paid product, [YES] You can include the audios to a paid membership site, [YES] You can rebrand the audios, [YES] You can edit or translate the audios, [YES] You can sell the resale rights – your customers can resell these product but not pass or grant any rights.
[YES] You can give away the audios as an e-course within the niche that they were created for. [YES] Transcripts may be used in the development of another product (for example articles, a report, or an ebook.  [NO] You can include the audios to a free membership site [NO] You can give away the audios within the IM niche [NO] You can sell the audios in auction sites. No resell material included. Membership download (23 MB zip) [Content protected for Member members only] [Content protected for Memberplus members only] or buy Resell Diabetes Niche Audio Set below.

  Living With Diabetes  $2.59

Living With Diabetes Niche Audios