25 Planning Your Happiest Day Articles > PLR Articles

Set of 25 “Planning Your Happiest Day” PLR articles that include some titles as: Cheap Wedding Favors, Shopping for Wedding Favors, Wedding Favors Etiquette, Wedding Favors for Children, Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love. View PLR License. Blog Comments (doc) also included. Membership download (51 KB zip) [Content protected for Member members only] or buy […]

Event Organizing Made Easy

Event Organizing Made Easy > MRR Video Package

MRR package “Event Organizing Made Easy” comes with 6 videos that cover; Planning Your Event (Seminar vs Workshop vs Exhibition format), How to Plan Your Behind-The-Scenes Logistics, How to Pitch Your Event, How to Sell Seats to Your Event, How to Attract Sponsors and Turning Your Event Fun and Profitable. Ecovers, sales video and resale […]

10 Day Local Events Ecourse (Personal PLR) > Added to “PLR Article Packs” Page

Personal PLR “10 Day Local Events” ecourse has been added to the “PLR Article Packs” page. Personal PLR terms are as articles. Ecourse comes with 10 sections that include: The importance of niche marketing Marketing events through email Text-based social networks Video and graphics-based social networks Marketing on forums and discussion boards Marketing at online […]

local events plr report

How to Host a Successful Local Event (Personal PLR Report) > Added to “PLR Article Packs” Page

How to Host a Successful Local Event – Personal PLR Report” has been added to the “PLR Article Packs” page. Personal PLR terms are as articles. Ecover included. Report covers: The Benefits of Hosting a Local Event Getting Organized: Deciding on the Kind of Event to Host Planning and Preparing a Successful Local Event Create […]

10 Winter Fun PLR Articles (Personal) > Added to “PLR Article Packs” Page

Set of “10 Winter Fun PLR Articles (Personal)” has been added to the “PLR Article Packs” page. Articles include: 15 Family Friendly Winter Wonderland Destinations Christmas Destinations around the World Cold Weather Winter Destinations Flu-Proofing Your Flight Tips for Safe and Healthy Winter Travel Tips for Safe Winter Driving Warm Winter Getaways Wild Winter Fun Winter […]

10 Weekend Getaways PLR Articles (Personal) > Added to “PLR Article Packs” Page

Set of “10 Weekend Getaways PLR Articles (Personal)” has been added to the “PLR Article Packs” page. Articles include: Finding the Perfect Weekend Getaway Inexpensive Weekend Getaway Ideas Planning a Weekend Getaway Rejuvenate Your Body and Your Mind with a Weekend Getaway Romantic Weekend Getaway Ideas Top Weekend Getaway Destinations around the World Weekend Getaways […]

PLR Green Holiday Articles

10 Green Holidays PLR (Personal) Articles > Added to “PLR Article Packs” Page

Set of “10 Green Holidays PLR (Personal) Articles” has been added to the “PLR Article Packs” page. Articles include: 5 Holiday Recycling Tips, Alternatives to Cutting a Tree, Chemical Free De-icers, Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas, Eco-Friendly Tips for Keeping Your Home Warm, Eco-Friendly Ways to Green Up Your Holiday Season, Eco-Friendly Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air […]


Wedding Tips Blog > PLR WordPress Blog

PLR “Wedding Tips Blog” is a complete “turnkey” blog that once installed allows you to edit affiliate links (Clickbank, Amazon) and allows for blocks ads (of your choice). Pages included (Contact, Video, Store – Amazon). PLR WordPress blog also comes with instruction material, PSD logo & bonus articles. Read installation material carefully, once you’ll installed […]


10 Homemade Holiday Decorations PLR (Personal) Articles > Added to “PLR Article Packs” Page

Set of “10 Homemade Holiday Decorations  PLR (Personal) Articles” has been added to the “PLR Article Packs” page. Articles include: Holiday Decorating DIY: Indoor and Outdoor, Fall Harvest Decorating, Green and Eco-Friendly Decorating Ideas for the Holidays, Holiday Decorations Your Kids Can Make, Homemade Centerpiece Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Table, Homemade Christmas Tree Decorations, Homemade Wreaths, […]


Red Parcel PLR > PLR Articles Content Package

PLR article content package “Red Parcel PLR” contains previously posted article packages 186 Christmas Assorted PLR Articles, 195 Christmas Gift Ideas PLR Articles, 157 Christmas Shopping PLR Articles, 91 Christmas Decoration PLR Articles and 47 Christmas Food PLR Articles. Resale Material included. View Demo Sales Page . Membership download (5.6 MB zip) [Content protected for […]


47 Christmas Food PLR Articles > PLR Articles

Set “47 Christmas Food PLR Articles”47 Christmas Food PLR Articles” includes PLR articles: 1.3_Non-Traditional_Ways_to_Prepare_Your_Holiday_Turkey 2.After_Christmas_Weight-Watchers 3.Avoid_Holiday_Weight_Gain 4.Avoid_Weight_Gain_During_The_Holidays_-_5_Easy_Tips 5.Chew_Your_Way_To_Diet_Success_This_Holiday_Season 6.Christmas Dinner Ideas from the South and North 7.Christmas_Cheesecake 8.Christmas_Cookie_Recipe__Chocolatey_Church_Windows 9.Christmas_Recipes__Delicious_Christmas_Puddings 10.Christmas-Dinner-Ideas 11.Cocktails-For-A-New-Years-Eve-Party 12.Cooking-Christmas-Cookies-with-the-Kids 13.Culinary_Help_Line_Rescues_Holiday_Cooks 14.Developing Your Own Holiday Food Traditions 15.Easy-Christmas-Cooking-that-is-Sure-to-Please 16.Eating Heartily but Consciously During Christmas Season 17.Favorite Foods of Christmas 18.Fun-Christmas-Cooking-for-Everyone 19.Healthy_Holiday_Eating___Bring_Something_Good_To_The_Party 20.Holiday_Diet_And_Weight_Loss_Tips 21.Holiday_Eating_Anxieties_for_Bariatric_Patients […]


91 Christmas Decoration PLR Articles > PLR Articles

Set of “91 Christmas Decoration PLR Articles” includes PLR articles: 1.02-The-Tradition-Of-The-Christmas-Tree–Decorated-Trees-In-Y 2.03-Homemade-Christmas-Tree-Ornaments 3.4_Fun_And_Easy_To_Make_Homemade_Christmas_Decorations 4.04-Stunning-Christmas-Tree-Decoration-Ideas 5.05-Learn-How-To-Make-A-Christmas-Decoration 6.06-Entertaining-Kids-With-Christmas-Crafts 7.7__Top_Types_of_Real_Christmas_Trees 8.09-Digging-Up-That-Old-Vintage-Christmas-Decoration 9.Alter_The_Way_You_Celebrate_Christmas_By_Making_Christmas_Crafts 10.Care and Disposal of Christmas Trees 11.Caring_For_and_Planting_a_Balled_in_Burlap_Christmas_Tree 12.Caring_For_Christmas_Trees 13.Celebrate_With_Christmas_Decorations 14.Choosing_An_Outdoor_Wreath 15.Christmas Decorations 16.Christmas Lights 17.Christmas Tree Types 18.Christmas_Craft_For_Holiday_Family_Gathering 19.Christmas_Crafts_for_Kids 20.Christmas_Crochet_Patterns_Advice 21.Christmas_Decorating___Create_A_Lifelike_Santa_In_Your_Bathroom 22.Christmas_Decorating_That_Will_Make_Your_Holidays_Special 23.Christmas_Decorating_Trends_for_2005 24.Christmas_Decoration_Storage_-_10_Quick_Tips_to_Save_You_Time_and_Money_When_Storing_Decorations 25.Christmas_Table_Decorations_-_The_Number_One_Secret_for_Beautiful_Table_Decor 26.Christmas_Tree_Decorations 27.Christmas_Tree_Ornament_Tips 28.Christmas_Tree_Selection_Guide 29.Christmas_Wreaths_For_Your_Home 30.Christmas-Decoration-Ideas-for-Kids 31.Christmas-Lights-The-Ultimate-Way-to-Decorate-Your-Home 32.Christmas-Tree-Themes-Are-They-Really-Worth-It 33.Creating_A_Beautiful_Christmas_Centerpiece 34.Decorating Strategies At […]


157 Christmas Shopping PLR Articles > PLR Articles

Set of “157 Christmas Shopping PLR Articles” includes PLR articles: Christmas Shopping – 123 1.4_Principles_to_Follow_to_Avoid_Credit_Card_Debt_During_the_Holiday_Seasons 2.5_1_2_Holiday_Retail_Tips 3.5_Christmas_Movies_For_The_Whole_Family_To_Enjoy_ 4.5_Reasons_to_Send_Business_Christmas_Cards 5.6_Christmas_Shopping_Tips_You_Must_Know 6.6_Great_Online_Christmas_Shopping_Tips 7.6_Ways_To_Guarantee_Record_Breaking_Holiday_Sales_ 8.A_Christmas_Story___The_First_Christmas_Lights 9.A_Christmas_Story__DVD__Review 10.Are_you_ready_for_the_Christmas_shopping_season 11.Avoid_Giving_Really_Bad_Christmas_Presents 12.Baby_Shopping_Around_The_Holidays 13.Black_Christmas_movie_review 14.Black_Friday_Is_Coming_ 15.Business_Christmas_Cards 16.Buying_Clothing_When_Christmas_Shopping 17.Buying-Clothing-When-Christmas-Shopping 18.Catch_the_Holiday_Spirit_with_Digital_Cameras 19.Christmas_2005__Bargains_Galore_ 20.Christmas_Costumes_For_Your_Holiday_Party_Or_Event 21.Christmas_Holiday_Shopping_Online__5_Tips_To_Get_The_Most_Out_Of_Your_Online_Shopping_Experience 22.Christmas_Shopping__Bargains_For_You_ 23.Christmas_Songs_And_Thoughts_And_Cross_Fountain_Pens 24.Christmas_Television_Specials___Do_They_Really_Know_the_True_Meaning_of_Christmas_ 25.Christmas_With_The_Kranks__DVD__Review 26.Christmas-Shopping-During-Big-Sales 27.Christmas-Shopping-For-Close-Relatives 28.Christmas-Shopping-For-Distant-Relatives 29.Christmas-Shopping-For-Grab-Bags 30.Christmas-Shopping-For-Kids 31.Christmas-Shopping-For-Out-Of-Town-Relatives 32.Christmas-Shopping-For-Your-Boss 33.Christmas-Shopping-For-Your-Employees 34.Christmas-Shopping-For-Your-Husband 35.Christmas-Shopping-For-Your-Wife 36.Christmas-Shopping-On-A-Budget 37.Christmas-Shopping-Online 38.Christmas-Shopping-The-Day-After-Thanksgiving 39.Christmas-Shopping-With-Kids 40.Christmas-Shopping-Year-Round 41.Climbing_Out_From_Holiday_Credit_Card_Debt […]


195 Christmas Gift Ideas PLR Articles > PLR Articles

Set of “195 Christmas Gift Ideas PLR Articles” includes PLR articles: Christmas Gift – 131 1._Wrapping__The_Impossible-To-Wrap_Christmas_Gift 2.5_Perfect_Christmas_Gift_Ideas_For_Him 3.6_Perfect_Christmas_Gift_Ideas_For_Her 4.07-Make-Your-Own-Christmas-Cards 5.08-Craft-Ideas-For-Old-Christmas-Cards 6.10_Fantastic_Christmas_Gift_Ideas_For_Kitchen_Lovers_ 7.10-Alternative-Gifts-Ideas-Instead-Of-Toys 8.12_Creative_Ways_To_Recycle_Your_Christmas_Cards_ 9.A_Guys_Holiday_Gift_Guide_for_Women 10.A_Perfect_Family_Christmas_Gift 11.A_Reminder_to_Parents__Holiday_Gifts_Can_Open_Pandora_s_Box_-_Protect_Your_Child_s_New_PC 12.Are_Toys___Video_Games_The_Right_Christmas_Gifts_For_Kids_ 13.Beat_The_Christmas_Rush_With_Personalized_Mugs 14.Best_Gift_Ideas_For_Her_And_Him_This_Holiday_Season 15.Bird_Watching_Presents___Christmas_Gift_Ideas 16.Business_Gift-Giving_Tips_For_The_Holiday_Season 17.Buying_Candles_For_Holiday_Cheer_For_All_Types_Of_Friends 18.Buying_Corporate_Christmas_Gifts 19.Cheap_Gift_Ideas 20.Children_s_Gift_Ideas__Babies__Toddlers__and_Beyond 21.Choosing_Birthday_And_Christmas_Gifts_For_Horse_Lovers 22.Christmas_Cards_Facts 23.Christmas_Gift_Buying_Guide 24.Christmas_Gift_Ideas_-_Give_Joy_In_A_Simple_Idea 25.Christmas_Gift_Ideas__Interior_Décor_Presents 26.Christmas_Gift_Ideas__The_Treasures_Under_The_Tree 27.Christmas_Gift_Ideas_for_Hikers 28.Christmas_Gift_Ideas_On_A_Budget 29.Christmas_gift_shopping__Why_not_use_the_favorites_secret 30.Christmas_Gifts_-_Is_It_Really_The_Thought_That_Counts 31.Christmas_Gifts_For_Business_Travellers 32.Christmas_Gifts_For_Coworkers_And_Neighbors 33.Christmas_Gifts_for_Dog_Lovers___their_Dogs 34.Christmas_Gifts_for_Her___A_Unique_Approach 35.Christmas_Gifts_for_Him___It_s_That_Time_Again 36.CHRISTMAS_GREETING_CARDS 37.Christmas_Soap_Making 38.Christmas_Tree_Ornaments___Creative_Personal_Gifts 39.Computer_Monitor_Accessories_Top_My_Holiday_Gift_List 40.Creating_A_Budget_For_Christmas_Gifts […]


186 Christmas Assorted PLR Articles > PLR Articles

Set of “186 Christmas Assorted PLR Articles” include PLR articles: Christmas – 131 1._Tis_The_Season_For_Volume 2.01-The-Christmas-Holiday–Many-Holiday-Traditions 3.3_Steps_To_Having_An_Old_Fashioned_Christmas_Holiday 4.5_Holiday_Survival_Tips_For_Retirees 5.5_Things_To_Protect_Your_Credit_Score_This_Holiday_Season 6.10_Ways_Music_Can_Help_You_During_The_Holidays 7.A_Christmas_History_Lesson 8.A_Dog_Is_For_Life_Not_Just_For_Christmas 9.Advent Calendar Ideas 10.African Christmas 11.All About Rudolph and Santa’s Other Reindeers 12.All About Santa Claus 13.All_I_Want_For_Christmas_…_Is_Time_To_Myself 14.Alone_for_the_Holidays_ 15.Ancient_Celebrations_Of_The_Christmas_Holiday 16.Appreciating_Christmas 17.Asides – Interesting Facts Notes About Christmas 18.Baby_s_Christmas_Cry_-_Let_Me_Live_Another_Day 19.Balance_Your_Holidays___Business 20.Bass_Fishing_Christmas_Cards__Tis_The_Season 21.Begginning_Of_Christmas_Cards 22.Best_Christmas_Songs_Ever 23.Budgeting_over_Christmas 24.Christmas […]

Christmas Wordpress Theme PLR

Seasonal WordPress Themes > PLR WordPress Themes

Set of 10 “Seasonal WordPress Themes” that comes with 4 Christmas, 4 Halloween and 2 Thanksgiving WordPress themes. No resale material included. Membership download (9.4 MB zip) or buy [Content protected for Member members only] or buy PLR “Seasonal WordPress Themes” below.   Seasonal WordPress Themes  $3.59


Christmas CB Promo Package > Resell Package

Clickbank marketing Resell package “Christmas CB Promo Package” comes with text & video reviews for 15 Clickbank Christmas related products. Spreadsheet links also included. Membership download (172 MB zip) [Content protected for Member members only] or buy Resell “Christmas CB Promo Package” below.   Christmas CB Promo Package  $3.89

Christmas Marketing Package

Christmas Marketing Package > Resell Package

Resell “Christmas Marketing Package” comes with graphics, keywords and EMDs for 3 niches which include Christmas Crafts, Christmas Games and Christmas Recipes. Membership download (1.4 MB zip) [Content protected for Member members only] or buy Resell “Christmas Marketing Package” below.   Christmas Marketing Package  $3.29

Resell Christmas Graphics

Christmas Graphics Package > Resell Graphics

Resell (pass on resell rights) graphics package “Christmas Graphics Package” comes with over 1500 images in various categories like candles, candy fruit, Christmas lights, gifts toys, ornaments, Santa and many more. Membership download (149 MB zip) [Content protected for Member members only] or buy Resell “Christmas Graphics Package” below.   Christmas Graphics Package  $3.89

Christmas Celebration Ebook

Christmas Celebration Ideas > Resell Ebook

Resell ebook “Christmas Celebration Ideas” looks at Celebrating Christmas Holidays – History and Significance, Remembering The Birth Of Christmas Carols, Celebrating Family Traditions and Customs, Ideas For A Fun Christmas Party, Tips On How To Plan A Successful Christmas Party, Fascinating Ideas For Christmas Gifts, Top Family Vacation Ideas for Christmas Holiday and Fun Christmas […]

Halloween Super MRR Package

Halloween Super Pack > MRR Package

MRR “Halloween Super Pack” comes with 12 Halloween products which include 5 New Halloween Templates, 13 Web Style 2.0 Halloween Headers, 14 Halloween Graphics Package, Bloody Halloween HTML Template, eCover Monster, Graphics For Halloween, Halloween Graphics Package, Halloween Graphics Set, Halloween Mini Package, Halloween WP & HTML Template, The True History of Halloween and Top […]

PLR Halloween Articles

10 Halloween PLR (Personal PLR) Articles > Added to “PLR Article Packs” Page

Set of 10 “10 Halloween PLR (Personal PLR) Articles” has been added to the “PLR Article Packs” page. Articles include: Halloween Superstitions: Traditions – Myths – and Legends, Five Great Movies to Watch on Halloween, Fun Alternatives to Trick-or-Treat, Halloween Decorating Ideas – Indoors and Out, Halloween Superstitions: Traditions – Myths – and Legends, Dress-Up […]


25 Birthday PLR Articles > Unrestricted PLR Articles

Set of “25 Birthday PLR Articles” includes articles: Awesome Birthday Gifts for Anyone, Birthday Gift Ideas for your Parents, Birthday Gifts for Her, Birthday Gifts for Him, Birthday Party Safety at a Child’s Party, Birthday Party Tips for your Kids!, Birthday Presents for Boys, Buying Birthday Presents for your Child, Celebrating your 21st Birthday, Celebrating […]


10 Easter PLR Articles > Unrestricted PLR Articles

Set of “10 Easter PLR Articles” includes PLR articles Give Painting Portraits This Easter Season, Easter Traditions On A Budget, Special Easter Recipes, Healthy Easter Treats – Easter Bunnies Bring More Than Chocolate Eggs, The Essential Message of Easter, Gift Baskets A Great Way to Celebrate Easter, Good Friday And Easter, Hare Raising Questions About […]