Broadcast Audio with Blog Talk Radio > Resell Instruction Video Package

Resell Instruction Video package “Broadcast Audio with Blog Talk Radio” comes with 25 videos, affiliate toolbox, banners, graphics and resale pages. View Demo Sales Page for full product detail. Membership download (217 MB zip) [Content protected for Member members only] or buy Resell “Broadcast Audio with Blog Talk Radio” below. Broadcast Audio with Blog Talk […]

10 Podcasting Articles (Personal PLR) > Added To PLR Article Packs Page

Set of “10 Podcasting PLR Articles (Personal)” has been added to the “PLR Article Packs” page. Articles include: 11 Commonly Asked Questions about Podcasting 16 Tips for Giving a Successful Interview 40 Great Questions to Ask in an Interview Don’t Make These Podcasting Mistakes How to Find Inspiration for Your Podcasts How to Grow Your Audience […]

Top 10 Marketing Podcasts Free Report

Top 10 Marketing Podcasts to Follow > Free Marketing Report

Free Marketing report “Top 10 Marketing Podcasts to Follow” looks into: List of the top ten marketing podcasts to follow to help you grow your business. Learn why these podcasts are invaluable to you and your business. Finally get up to date on your marketing practices and learn what is working in today’s world. Report […]


Grow Your Audience with Podcasts > Free Report

Free report “Grow Your Audience with Podcasts” covers: Getting clear on your audience so you can identify and speak about their biggest pain points. Four key strategies for promoting your podcast to ensure it is a success. Different methods for driving traffic to your podcast to continuously bring in new listeners. Examples of successful podcasters […]


Podcasting Development And Strategy > MRR Report

MRR IM report “Podcasting Development And Strategy” includes info & links on Keyword Analysis, 100 Blog Posts about Affiliate Marketing, 13 Forum Posts about Affiliate Marketing, 30 Paid Products/Courses about Affiliate Marketing and 50 YouTube Videos about Affiliate Marketing. Ecovers included. Membership download (285 KB zip) [Content protected for Member members only] or buy MRR […]

Podcasting Info Package

Premiere Podcast > Personal Use Package

Personal use package “Premiere Podcast” comes with pdf ebook, Info Revolution ebook, checklist pdf, slideshow pdf, info graphic and quote posters. Material covers: Podcasting Introduction, What is Podcasting, Why Should You Podcast? Podcasting Hardware, Podcasting Software, Your First Podcast and Best Practices. View Demo Sales Page. Membership download (4.7 MB zip) [Content protected for Member […]


Business Podcasting Basics > Non-Transferable PLR Ecourse

PLR ecource “Business Podcasting Basics” comes with 5 lessons (Word & text format), graphics, list building squeeze page and thank you page. View Demo Sales Page . Membership download (441 KB zip) [Content protected for Member members only] or buy Non-Transferable PLR “Business Podcasting Basics” below.   Business Podcasting Basics  $7.00


Surefire Podcast Blueprint 2.0 > Personal Use Video Package

Personal Use video package “Surefire Podcast Blueprint 2.0” comes with 11 videos: Introduction to Podcast Marketing, What’s In A Podcast? Writing a Intro and Outro Script (Copy and Paste This), Hire Voiceover Artist for Intro and Outro, Microphone and Software Editing Tools, Record Your Podcast (How to Create Soundproof Environments), Edit Your Main Podcast Yourself, […]