Unrestricted PLR Ebook

Profitable Email Marketing > Brandable Unrestricted PLR Ebook

Unrestricted PLR ebook “Profitable Email Marketing” looks into What‘s an autoresponder?, How can I make money with autoresponders?, Pick a topic Your personal interests and areas of expertise, A self-quiz for finding a topic, Marketability: Will they buy?, A quiz for marketability, Research your market Searches: Google – eBay – Amazon, Groups and forums, Survey […]

Overcoming Loneliness Ebook

Overcoming Loneliness > Brandable Unrestricted PLR Ebook

Unrestricted PLR ebook “Overcoming Loneliness” looks at All Alone!, Crowded Yet Isolated, Emotional Pain In A Loveless World, Love – The Verb, Not The Feeling, Learning How To Love, The Laws Of Attraction, Practical Steps For Dealing With Loneliness, Breaking The Destructive Cycle, Finding Our Purpose In The Wilderness and Life Still Has Meaning. Unrestricted […]


Affiliate Revenue Avalanche > MRR Ebook

Affiliate Marketing MRR ebook “Affiliate Revenue Avalanche” looks into Affiliate Basics, Anticipate The Needs Of Your Market, Supply Helpful Info About Affiliate Products You Promote, Be Truthful With Your Customers And Subscribers, Research Offers And Test Them First and Learn How To Be Patient. MRR ebook comes with pdf, special report, article, promo email, ecovers, […]


Drop The Fat Now > PLR Ebook

Weight loss PLR ebook “Drop The Fat Now” includes chapters on Why Do I Gain Weight, What Do I Do Now?, Healthy Nutrition And Its Benefits, The Importance Of Exercise and Living The Healthy Lifestyle. PLR ebook comes with pdf, source document, graphics and resale website (includes bonus ebooks). Membership download (44 MB zip) [Content […]


List Building 101 Videos > Personal Use Instruction Videos

Internet Marketing instruction video set “List Building 101 Videos” comes with 12 videos which include Introduction to List Building, Public & Private JV Give Aways, Ad Swaps, Solo Ads, Click Banking, Free WSO’s, PPV/CPV List Building, Bartering For Leads, Exit Pop-Ups, Buying Ad Space Direct, Integrated Cross Promotions and Viral PDF Reports. Membership download (59 […]


WP Plugin Bonanza > Personal WordPress Instruction Package

WordPress Plugin Creation & Marketing instruction package “WP Plugin Bonanza” comes with pdf ebook and 7 mp4 videos which include Introduction, Finding Winning Ideas, Finding a Programmer, Working with Your Programmer, Pricing Your Plugin, Selling Your Plugin and Time to Take Action. Membership download (53 MB zip) [Content protected for Member members only] or buy Personal […]


Trial Orders & Other Marketing Strategies > Personal Use Ebook

Internet Marketing Personal Use ebook “Trial Orders & Other Marketing Strategies” looks into CPA Explained, The High Value Marketing Offer, The Shipping And Handling Fee, Recurring Monthly Income, The Paired Back-End Offers, Text-based Virtual Products, Cheap Setup Options, Locating Quality PLR On The Web, Increasing The Value Of Your PLR, Some PLR Warnings, Regular Paychecks, […]


Ultimate Guide To Outsourcing > Personal Use Ebook

Business & Marketing Personal Use ebook “Ultimate Guide To Outsourcing” looks into Outsourcing Software, Creating a New Software Solution—the Components of a Software Project, Creating a New Version of Existing Software, Project Visibility, Project Size as a Determining Factor, Blueprinting, The Vision Statement, The Requirements Document, The Product Specification, Sectioning the Requirements Document, Writing Tips, […]


Content Creation Secrets > Instruction Video Set > Added to “Membership Videos” Page

Internet Marketing instruction video set “Content Creation Secrets” has been added to “Membership Videos” page. Set includes 5 videos Secrets to Creating Profitable Content on Demand — Overview, Profitable DIY Content Creation Tactics, Mass Information with Pre-Made Content, Leveraging On Other People’s Content – Easily – Ethically and Legally, Putting it Together. mp3 Audios and […]


Chemically Engineered > PLR Ebook

Body Building PLR ebook “Chemically Engineered” includes chapters on Be Smart, Doing It Right, Goal Setting, Steroid Basics, Steroid Metabolism,Effects Of Using ASS, Usage and Legal Use/Abuse, Steroid Cycles For Beginners, Steroid Profiles, Liver Protection, Post Cycle Therapy, Peptides, Prohormones, Weight Loss Drugs, Underground Labs, Basics of Nutrition and Carbs Protein and Fat. PLR ebook comes […]


Interview Techniques > MRR Ebook

Career related  MRR ebook “Interview Techniques” includes info on Interview Do’s and Don’ts, Choose Your Words Carefully, Choosing the Best interview Option with Multiple Requests, Common Interview Mistakes, Conduct Some Research on the Company, Control of the Interview Conversation, Following the Interview Process, How Much Should You Tell During the Interview, How to Guarantee a […]

Dark Secrets

3 Custom Minisites > MRR Minisites

Set of 3 Minisites that includes Beating the House, Dark Secrets and Energy Solutions. Each minisite comes with ecovers. Give away rights included. View Demo Minisite . Membership download (8.7 MB zip) [Content protected for Member members only] or buy MRR “3 Custom Minisites” below.


60 Salmon Recipe PLR Articles > PLR Articles

Set of “60 Salmon Recipe PLR Articles” that include Smoked Salmon with Pasta and Gin, Pizza with Smoked Salmon and Caviar, Salmon Scramble, Smoked Salmon Rolls, Western Cedar Plank Salmon, Salmon Patties,  Salmon Hash, Bisquick Salmon Crusty, Salmon in Mango and Ginger Sauce, Salmon with Creamy Tequila-Lime Sauce, Salmon with Cream Cheese,  Tacos with Salmon Avocado Salsa, Salmon Tetrazzini, Salmon […]

PLR Wordpress Theme

50 PLR WordPress Themes > WordPress Themes

Collection of “50 Unrestricted PLR WordPress Themes” that come in 10 different themes each with 5 different formats (column types). Themes include abstract, abstract 2, foggyhill, fruitstand, garden, harbor, bay, lake, redbarn and roadfence. Membership download (15 MB zip) [Content protected for Member members only]. Sorry Membership download only.  


36 Couponing PLR Articles > PLR Articles

Set of “36 Couponing PLR Articles” that include 7 Strategies & Benefits Of Using Online Coupons, A Dummies Guide To Finding Coupons, An Introduction To Internet Coupons, Baby Coupons, Bargain Shopping With Coupons, Benefits Of Coupons, Coupon Codes: Saving Without The Clipping, Coupon Frauds, Coupons – Increasing Popularity, Coupons And The Internet, Double Coupons, Ecoupon Shoppers, Finding Coupons, Free […]


WP Setup Checklist > MRR Package

WordPress instruction MRR package “WP Setup Checklist” comes with pdf ebook, pdf Checklist Work Form, ping list and 5 video modules that include videos Akismet, Intro, User Settings, WordPress Settings, Allinone SEO, Contact Form 7, Goggle XLM Map, OzhsAdminDropdown, The Nifty Nine, TinyMCEAdvanced, W3 Total Cashe, WPDE Backup, WP Security Scan, Add Sample Pages, Add […]


Network Marketing Structure Part 2 > Brandable Unrestricted PLR Ebook

Network Marketing Unrestricted PLR ebook “Network Marketing Structure Part 2” looks at Pros and Cons of Accumulation, Buying Position, Caution: Front Loading and their Dangers, The Dreaded Demotion, Push-up: Taking the Short Cut, Turning Maintenance into Profit, Other Factors to Consider. Unrestricted PLR ebook comes with pdf, source documents (Word & ODF), brander (Clickbank products) […]

Network Marketing PLR Ebook

Network Marketing Structure Part 1 > Brandable Unrestricted PLR Ebook

Network Marketing Unrestricted PLR ebook “Network Marketing Structure Part 1” includes topics Those Who Fail to Plan – Plan to Fail, Terminology and Jargon You Can’t Live Without, Clearing Out Common Misconceptions, Recognizing Basic Plan Mechanics, Point Value to Cash Calculation, Payout Transparency,  Buy Back Policy, Breakaway, Infinity Bonuses and Blocking. Unrestricted PLR ebook comes with pdf, source […]


Monthly PLR Income Stream > Brandable Unrestricted PLR Ebook

Internet Marketing PLR ebook “Monthly PLR Income Stream” covers Explode Your Monthly Income Through Monthly PLR Sites, Learn How To Monetize PLR Content & Create Multiple Streams Of Income, Why Monthly PLR?, How to Choose A Good Monthly PLR Site, How to Utilize PLR E-books, How to Utilize PLR Sales Letters And Landing Pages, How […]


MLM Survival Guide > Brandable Unrestricted PLR Ebook

Internet Marketing PLR ebook “MLM Survival Guide” looks at The Shocking Truth, Why Would You Be Choosing An MLM In The First Place, Types Of People Who Are Looking For Opportunities, What Is The MLM Jungle Like, Exposure To The Industry, The Team (Upline, Sidelines, even the Company Staff), The Trend of Time, There Is […]


Marketing Funnel Optimization > Brandable Unrestricted PLR Ebook

Internet Marketing PLR ebook “Marketing Funnel Optimization” looks at The Profit Funnel Plan, Low Ticket Product Ideas, Mid Ticket Product Ideas, High Ticket Product Ideas and What Is Your Ideal Profit Strategy? Unrestricted PLR ebook comes with pdf, source document (Word & ODF), brander (Clickbank products) and ecovers. Membership download (1.1 MB zip) [Content protected […]


25 Hunting PLR Articles > PLR Articles

Set of “25 Hunting PLR Articles” that include articles Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hunting With A Dog, Bow Hunting Wild Turkey, Choosing A Good Hunting Knife, Choosing The Most Suitable Duck Hunting Gun, Coon Hunting-Tips To Help You Get Started With This Awesome Sport, Exploring the Dangers of Bear Hunting, First Aid For Hunting Safety, […]


20 Chili Recipe PLR Articles > PLR Articles

Set of “20 Chili Recipe PLR Articles” that include Beef Chili Cheese Fries, Camp Chili, Chili Beef Casserole,Chili Casserole I, Chili Casserole II, Chili Cheese Roll, Chili Con Queso, Chili Cornbread Casserole, Chili Lasagna, Chili N’awlins, Chili Pasta Casserole, Chili Roast and Gravy, Chili Salsa Beef, Chili With Beans, Chili-Beef-Potato Soup, Chili-Ghetti, Easy Chili, Fat […]


25 Steak Recipe PLR Articles > PLR Articles

Set of “25 Steak Recipe PLR Articles” that include Beef Medallions with Cognac Sauce, Buffalo (or beef) Steaks with Chipotle-Coffee Rub, Carpetbagger Steak, Chinese Pepper Steak, Country Fried Round Steak, Country Style Steak and Gravy, Flank Steak with Red Wine, Four-Onion Steak,  Grilled Pesto-Stuffed Steak, Hamburger Steak with Onions and Gravy, Hawaiian Steak, How To Cook […]


50 Techniques to Boost Conversions > MRR Ebook

Internet Marketing ebook “50 Techniques to Boost Conversions” includes tips such as Adding proof, Use benefit-oriented copy, Do follow up, Create demonstration videos, Add audio to your website, Complete makeover of your site or product, Ask for the sale at the right time, Real things boost conversions, Quality writing and more. MRR ebook comes with […]


Writing Riches > MRR Instruction Video Set

MRR instruction video set “Writing Riches” comes with 6 videos An Introduction To Writing Riches And What You’ll Be Doing, Why Have A Dog Whilst You Bark? (Doing Everything Yourself), Finding Top Quality Ghostwriters, Finding Top Quality Ghostwriters (Continued), What Do You Have To Offer? and What Do You Have To Offer? (Continued). MRR package also comes […]


Blogging Profits Unleashed > MRR Ebook

MRR Blogging ebook “Blogging Profits Unleashed” looks at topics Choosing a Blogging Platform, Setting Up Your WordPress Blog, Essential Tweaks To Your Blog, Filling Your Blog With Content, Monetizing Your Blog and Driving Traffic To Your Blog. MRR ebook comes with pdf, ecovers, squeeze page and resale page. View Demo Sales Page . Membership download […]