Free Unrestricted PLR Video

How to Create Your Own Avatar > Free Unrestricted PLR Video

Free Unrestricted PLR Video “How to Create Your Own Avatar” explains how to create your own avatar using the free software “Paint.NET”. To view video click HERE . To download (63 MB zip) this free Unrestricted PLR video click ” How to Create Your Own Avatar “. Video comes with Flash and AVI files and […]

Free PLR Computing Ebook

Antivirus 101 > Free PLR Ebook

Free PLR computing info ebook “Antivirus 101″ includes chapters on: The Importance Of Having An Antivirus On Your Computer, What Antivirus Software Consist Of, Viruses Can Damage Your Computer-Learn More About Antivirus Protection, Antivirus Is Very Important-Find Out More Now, The Benefit Of Using Antivirus And Spyware, The Differences Between Some Antivirus Programs, Antivirus Programs […]

Free Unrestricted PLR Instruction Video

Translate Documents to Other Languages > Free Unrestricted PLR Video

Free Unrestricted PLR instruction video “Translate Documents to Other Languages” shows how to translate your documents and turn them into pdf’s. This method is done through Google Translator Toolkit to convert text and then use Open Office to create pdf. Click HERE to view video (2.48 min) or click ” Translate Documents to Other Languages […]

PLR Data Recovery Articles

PLR Data Recovery Articles > 20 PLR Articles

PLR “Data Recovery” articles, these 20 PLR articles include: Data Recovery Software: Your Options for Successfully Recovering Disks, Files and Data. Data Recovery Services: What To Do When Your Hard Drive Fails, Data Recovery Tips, DBF Repair Tool for your Databases, Disk Recovery Wizard by, Emergency File Recovery with Undelete Wizard, Fast and Reliable […]

Free PLR Computing Ebook

Go Cable! And Supercharge Your Internet Connection > Free PLR Ebook

Free PLR computing info ebook “Go Cable! And Supercharge Your Internet Connection” includes topics on: Brief Introduction, What Is A Cable Internet Connection?, Is Cable Internet Access Considered “High Speed” Or “Broadband”?, Just How Fast Can It Go?, Why Should I Consider Switching To A Cable, Connection?, What Type Of Connection Is Right For Me? […]

Create a Presentation Using Open Office

Create a Presentation Using Open Office > Person & Resell Instruction Video Set

Instruction Video Set “Create a Presentation Using Open Office” looks into creating a presentation using the free office software “Open Office”. Video set of 5 comes in theater format for ease of viewing. Videos include: Create a Project Using Open Office, How to Set Up a Presentation – An Introduction to the Software, Create a Presentation – […]

Breathe New Life Into Your Old Computor Systems > Personal & Resell Instruction Videos

Computing instructional video set “Breathe New Life Into Your Old Computer Systems Linux Ubuntu” includes 5 videos (in theater format for ease of viewing) How to Install and Use Ubuntu, A Quick Peek at Ubuntu, Using Applications, System Functions and Having the Windows Experience In Ubuntu. Personal Use version come with theater flash files and […]

Computor DIY Expert

Computer DIY Expert > Personal Use Computing Ebook

Computing info ebook “Computer DIY Expert” covers the basics of what’s needed to know about your computer to keep it running and performing as it should. Topics include: Understanding components, Understanding terminology, Do you need an upgrade?, Software you should have, Installation and organization, Trouble shooting, Speaking to experts and more. View Demo Sales Page […]

iPhone & iPad APP Cash

iPhone & iPad APP Cash > PLR Internet Marketing Opt-In Report

PLR Internet Marketing report “iPhone &iPad APP Cash” looks at: Generating App Ideas, Copy Existing Apps, What do YOU Need?, Outsourcing, Development, Software and Services for Development, Marketing an App, Forum Marketing, Press Releases and Blogging. PLR report comes with source document, pdf, psd graphics and opt-in material. View Demo Opt-in Page . Membership download (11.3 MB […]

PLR Domains Articles

25 Domains Articles > PLR Articles

PLR “Domains” articles, these 25 PLR articles include: All About The Invalid Domain Name, Are Free Domain Names Worth The Cost?, Benefit of Expired Domains, Big Considerations For Domain Name Owners, Buy/Sell Domain Names! Is it Profitable?, Choosing The Right Domain Name, Choosing The Right Domain Name For Your Business, Choosing the Right Domain To […]

Spam Stopper PLR Package

Spam Stopper > PLR Ebook and Audio

PLR ebook and audio “Spam Stopper” looks at stopping and preventing every one’s problem “Spam” some topics include: Understand what Spam is and what Spam isn’t, Learn how your email address is often collected by spammers, Discover the best method currently available for stopping Spam dead in its tracks, Learn a simple trick that can […]

Understanding Computor Operating Systems > PLR Ebook

PLR computing info ebook “Understanding Computor Operating Systems” covers: What is an Operating System, History of Operating Systems, What an Operating System Does, Process Management, Memory Management, Disc and File Systems, Security, Device Drivers, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Unix, Linux, Installing an Operating System and more. PLR ebook comes with pdf, source document, PSD graphics and […]

Create a Video Using Youtube Search Stories > Un-restricted PLR Instruction Video

Un-restricted PLR instruction video “How to Create Video Using Youtube Search Stories” shows how to create video in 3 simple steps using YouTube Search Stories 4:23 min. Un-restricted PLR video comes with both AVI and Flash files and resource file. No resale material is included. Members download (75.8 MB zip) [Content protected for Member members […]

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How to Setup a Free Offline Backup > Un-restricted PLR Instruction Video

Un-restricted PLR instruction video ” How to Setup a Free Offline Backup” shows how to use “Dropbox” to backup files, transfer files to and from other computers, also gain access to files from anywhere. Un-restricted PLR instruction video is 3:51 minutes, comes with AVI and Flash video files. No resale material included. Members download (23.6 […]