25 MRR Products OTO #3 > MRR OTO Package

MRR OTO “25 MRR Products OTO #3″ comes with 25 MRR products that can sold as a unit or sold separately. Products included The Master Guide to PLR, All Rights Made Easy, Redirection Rocket, Adsense Secrets Unleashed, CPA Explosion, List Building Firepower, Sales Page Rapid Fire, Finding Profitable Niches, Article Marketing 101, Easy Profit System, […]


How To Get Anything You Want > MRR Ebook

MRR Self Improvement ebook “How To Get Anything You Want” looks into How Do Positive Affirmation Work, Manifesting Your Affirmations, Implement Your Affirmations, Empower Visualization, Be In Control, Stimulate Visualization, Have A Positive Mindset, Positive Concentration and Pull Your Desires With Your Positive Mind. MRR ebook comes with pdf, mind map and ecovers. Membership download […]


Responsive Offline Deals > Personal Use Instruction Video Set

Internet Marketing instruction video set “Responsive Offline Deals” comes with 7 videos which include Introduction to Creating Responsive Offline Deals, Know the objections and complaints beforehand, Start with conversions – then traffic, Where to find potential responsive companies, Getting your foot in the door, Outsourcing your conversions materials – ads – etc. and Avoid positioning […]


The Opportunity Miner > MRR Ebook

Personal Finance MRR ebook “The Opportunity Miner” looks at Opportunities Basics, Check Out The Stock Market, Identify Your Goals, Take Advantage Of The Housing Crisis, Get Serious About Internet Marketing and The Down Side To Not Cashing In On Opportunities. MRR ebook comes with pdf, special report, article, promo email, ecovers, squeeze page and resale […]


Surviving the Wild Outdoors > MRR Ebook

MRR ebook “Surviving the Wild Outdoors” looks into Survival Equipment, Survival Skills, Eatable Bugs and Plants for Survival, Additional Training for Survival. MRR ebook comes with keywords, promo emails, 10 articles (doc, audio & video format) and resale pages. View Demo Sales Page. Membership download (82.2 MB zip) [Content protected for Member members only] or […]


Exercise for Life > MRR Ebook

MRR fitness ebook “Exercise for Life” looks at Why Exercising is a Good Thing, Working Out When Time is Tight, Don’t Make These Fitness Mistakes, How to Fit in Exercise Time, Best Exercises for Women, Getting Your Family Moving, Exercising with Health Issues, Types of Exercises and Should You Use a Personal Trainer? MRR ebook […]


TwitterBot > MRR Software

Twitter admin software “TwitterBot” can/will Multiple Account Management, Keyword Search, User Add, Mass Unfollow, Schedule posts. I have tried on my own account and it works pretty slick. MRR software comes with instruction video and resale pages. View Demo Sales Page . Membership download (13.8 MB zip) [Content protected for Member members only] or buy […]


How to Make Money With Membership Sites > Personal Use Instruction Video Set

Online Marketing Personal Use instruction video set “How to Make Money With Membership Sites” comes with 6 videos Membership Site Benefits, Membership Site Models, The $20.00 Membership Model, Sales Strategies, Not Just Membership Sites and Membership Site Scripts. Also included is a reference pdf. Membership download (122 MB zip) [Content protected for Member members only] […]


Work At Home Mastermind > MRR Package

Online Marketing MRR package “Work At Home Mastermind” comes with pdf ebook, autoresponder messages, banners, 7 videos (An Introduction To Making Money Online, Deeper Into Business Models, Product research, The Basic Tools You’ll Need, Getting To Grips With Blogs, Let’s Get Blogging! and Get Some Traffic!) and resale pages. Video Demo Sales Page (includes sample […]


Internet Business Startup Wisdom > Brandable Unrestricted PLR Ebook

Internet Marketing Unrestricted PLR ebook “Internet Business Startup Wisdom” covers Group Leverage, Joint Venture Marketing Leverage, Safe Rule of Thumb for ANY Business Endeavor, Labor Replication, Due Diligence, Compelling Copy, Getting Your Reader’s Attention, Honing Your Copy Writing Skills, Personalize and Be Specific, Recommended Payment Processors and more. Unrestricted PLR ebook comes with pdf, source […]


Info Marketing Guerilla Tactics > Brandable Unrestricted PLR Ebook

Internet Marketing Unrestricted PLR ebook “Info Marketing Guerilla Tactics” comes with 100 marketing to tips to make that sale. Unrestricted PLR ebook comes with pdf, source documents (Word & ODF), brander (Clickbank products) and ecovers. Membership download (1 MB zip) [Content protected for Member members only] or buy Unrestricted PLR ” Info Marketing Guerilla Tactics […]


Household Budget Planning > Brandable Unrestricted PLR Ebook

Personal Finance Unrestricted PLR ebook “Household Budget Planning” covers Why an e-book or how-to guide on setting up a family budget?, Why would or do you need a family budget?, The business case for and rationale behind family budgeting, Benefits and advantages of a family budget, What is a family budget?, What constitutes a good […]


WP SEO Mastery > MRR Package

SEO MRR package “WP SEO Mastery” comes with pdf ebook “Search Engine Optimization Tips”, articles, spun articles, 5 kewword lists, power point, 5 video articles (What is SEO, What SEO can do for You, SEO Overview Keywords, WordPress Overview, WordPress SEO for Content). No resale material included. Membership download (15.2 MB zip) [Content protected for […]


Income Commander > MRR Ebook

Internet Marketing MRR ebook “Income Commander” comes with pdf, promo emails and resale pages. Also includes is PLR report “IM Kickstart – Ecourse” which comes with pdf, source document, graphics and squeeze page. Income commander covers sections  How can I make Money Today, How can I make Money this Week, How Can I Make Money […]


Hot Niche Finding Formula > Brandable Unrestricted PLR Ebook

Unrestricted PLR Niche Marketing ebook “Hot Niche Finding Formula” looks at using various sites ( Google Zeitgeist, Lycos Top 50, Yahoo! Buzz, eBay Pulse, Amazon) and tools (Overture’s “View Bids Tool”, Google Adwords, Clickbank Marketplace) to find the latest hot marketing niches. Unrestricted PLR ebook comes with pdf, source documents (Word & ODF), brander (Clickbank products) […]


Home Business Quick Start > Brandable Unrestricted PLR Ebook

Unrestricted PLR Home Business ebook “Home Business Quick Start” looks at Monetizing Your Graphics Designing Skills, Analyzing Statistics, Programming, Networking, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Online Network Marketing, Niche Marketing, Freelance Services, Think long term, Build your business around your interests, Invest your salary into your business, Putting up with negative people, Private Label Rights Products, SEO […]


Home Biz Time and Money Savers > Brandable Unrestricted PLR Ebook

Home Business Unrestricted PLR ebook “Home Biz Time and Money Savers” covers Working at Home?, Time is of the Essence, Wise Time Management Tips for Work-at-Home Entrepreneurs, Outsourcing: How to Get More Done in Less Time, Guerrilla Methods: How to Save Money and Spend Less Than Your Competitors. Unrestricted PLR ebook comes with pdf, source […]


Holistic Health Tips > Brandable Unrestricted PLR Ebook

Health related Unrestricted PLR ebook “Holistic Health Tips” includes 101 tips that cover General Holistic Health Tips, Vitamins and Herbs, Natural Food Choices and Skin Remedies. Unrestricted PLR ebook comes with pdf, source documents (Word & ODF), brander (Clickbank products) and ecovers. Membership download (935 KB zip) [Content protected for Member members only] or buy […]

Amazon Payday Secrets > MRR Ebook

Internet Marketing info ebook “Amazon Payday Secrets” covers How To Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Marketing, Successful Factors To Make Money on Amazon’s Affiliate Marketing Program, Sign Up And Play By The Rules, Choose A Niche Where Profit Is Present, Choose A Product Review Site or Blog Review Site, Choose The Right Product To Promote […]


Free Traffic Forever > MRR Ebook

MRR ebook “Free Traffic Forever” looks into Search Engine Optimization, Article Marketing, Video Marketing, Forum Marketing and Social Media Marketing. MRR ebook comes with pdf, mindmap pdf and ecovers. Membership download (838 KB zip) [Content protected for Member members only] or buy MRR “Free Traffic Forever” below.   Free Traffic Forever  $3.29


Blogging Cash Formula > MRR Ebook

Blogging MRR ebook “Blogging Cash Formula” looks into How To Make Money With Blogging, Choosing A Profitable Niche and Proper Domain Name, Purchasing An Ideal Domain Name For Your Blog Site And Hosting It,  Setting Up Your Blog And Installing It, Content Writing, Promoting Your Site and Sources of Income. MRR ebook comes with pdf, mindmap […]


Info Product Success > Personal Use IM Instruction Package

Internet Marrketing instruction package “Info Product Success” comes with 9 videos Introduction, Testing Your Market, Researching Your Subject, Product Creation, PLR, Your Sales Message, Marketing & Selling, Outsourcing, Recap and Taking Action. Also included are audio files, mindmap, video transcripts and ebook “Info Product Success”. View Demo Sales Page . Due to size of files […]

Unrestricted PLR Articles

200 Unrestricted PLR Articles 2012_01 > Unrestricted PLR Articles

This month set of Unrestricted PLR articles contains 25 Dating & Relationship PLR articles, 25 Destinations PLR articles, 25 Health & Beauty PLR articles, 25 Internet Marketing PLR articles, 25 Outdoors PLR articles, 25 Personal Finance PLR articles, 25 Travel Tips PLR articles and 25 Weight Loss PLR articles. License details >  [YES] Can Be […]


Easy Resell Videos > Added to “Membership Videos” Page

Internet Marketing instruction video set “Easy Resell Videos” has been added to the “Membership Videos” page. Set is made up 18 videos which include Introduction, Register Domain, The Hosting Account, Nameserver Setup, Tools Your Need, How to FTP, Preparing to Autorespond, Unzip Those Files, Upload Your Files, Setup Your Squeeze Form, Sell Via PayPal, Sell […]


Internet Marketing Kickstart > MRR Ebook

MRR Internet Marketing ebook “Internet Marketing Kickstart” looks into The Mindset of a Successful Internet Marketer, The Obstacles That Successful Internet Marketers Need to Overcome, A Sample System for Successful Internet Marketing, Resell rights are good products to start with, Create a simple landing page that catches the eye of your customers, Always provide incentives […]


Ultimate Productivity > MRR Video Package

Internet Marketing & Business MRR video package “Ultimate Productivity” comes with autoresponder set, banners, graphics, resale pages and 7 videos which include The Power Of One, Managing Yourself, Acquiring Productive Skills, Reward, Rinse & Repeat, The Power of Leverage, Assessing the Costs & Benefits of Your Outsourcing Venture and The Outsourcing Life Cycle. View Demo […]


21 Ways to Raise Fast Cash > MRR Ebook

MRR Personal Finance ebook “21 Ways to Raise Fast Cash” looks at 21 quick money making efforts some of which include Hold a Firesale, Find a Freelance Tutoring Job, Sell Crafts on Etsy, Sell Your Own Special Reports, Freelance as an Administrative Assistant, Become a Freelance Writer, Internet Marketing for Local Businesses, Find a Freelance Babysitting […]