WordPress Basics Video Series > Personal Use Instruction Video Set

WordPress blogging instruction video set “WordPress Basics Video Series” includes 17 detailed videos that include instruction on How to install WordPress quickly and easily, How to add images to WordPress, The difference between a Post and a Page, How to find free themes for your WordPress site, How to style your content pages with bolding – italics – and underlining, How […]


100 Getting Pregnant Tips > MRR Ebook

Family MRR ebook “100 Getting Pregnant Tips” includes 100 quick to the point tips some of which include Become more familiar of simple facts about your menstrual cycle, Stay away from coffee, Be aware of the symptoms of pregnancy, Get enough rest, The calendar method of predicting ovulation, Limit movement after having sex, Watch your […]


100 Exercise Tips > MRR Ebook

Fitness MRR ebook “100 Exercise Tips” comes with 100 quick to the point exercise tips, some of which include Determine your purpose of working out, Building your abdominal muscles, Go through weight workouts in order, Don’t forget to target the major muscle groups, How to improve and maintain flexibility, Building your arms even after getting […]

Energy Saving Tips Ebook

100 Energy Saving Tips > MRR Ebook

MRR ebook “100 Energy Saving Tips” comes with 100 to the point tips for saving energy and your cash. Some tips include Replace your filters regularly, Unplug all unused appliances and electronic devices, Minimize the number of times you open the door, Have a technician check your electric wiring on a regular manner, Use LED […]

List Building Ebook

List Building Lion > Personal Use Ebook

Personal Use ebook “List Building Lion” covers What Most List Building Courses Teach, What Works Now, Product Creation Models, The Technical Stuff, Getting the Traffic, Paid Traffic, Solo Ads, Using One Time Offers (OTOs). View Demo Sales Page . Membership download (182 KB zip) [Content protected for Member members only] or buy Personal Use “List […]

Interview Profits MRR Ebook

Interview Profits > MRR Ebook

MRR ebook “Interview Profits” covers Finding an expert to interview, Prepare your questions, Doing the interview, Editing the interview, Adding value to your product and Traffic generation. MRR ebook comes with pdf, articles, squeeze page and resale page. View Demo Sales Page . Membership download (1.7 MB zip) [Content protected for Member members only] or […]

Rock Solid SEO

Rock Solid SEO > MRR Ebook Package

SEO MRR ebook package “Rock Solid SEO” covers Why do SEO?, How SEO Used to be Done, Google Pandas and Penguins, Enter the Penguin, Rock Solid SEO, How to Recover Your Website from Oblivion, How to Build a New Site. Package also includes 3 other pdfs (Quality Sites for Backlinking, Resources and The Greenroom – […]

LeadImpact > Personal Use Instruction Video Set

PPV Personal Use instructional video course “LeadImpact” comes with 17 videos that will introduce one to PPV Marketing. Videos will help show How to set up a LeadImpact campaign, How to find targeted URLs to bid on, How to size your squeeze page for LeadImpact, How to write squeeze page copy for this traffic, How to […]


Webinar Jumpstart 101 > Personal Use Instruction Video Set

Marketing Personal Use instruction video set “Webinar Jumpstart 101” includes 12 videos that show how to Get Started on Your Very First Webinar, How to Promote Your Brand, How to Handle Your Guests, How to Get People to Sign Up for Your Webinar, How to go Live and more. Membership download (52 MB zip) [Content […]

Unrestricted PLR Articles

Unrestricted PLR Articles 201205 > 200 Unrestricted PLR Articles

May’s set of 200 Unrestricted PLR Articles includes 25 Advertising PLR articles, 25 Dating & Relationship PLR articles, 25 Health & Beauty PLR articles, 25 Home Based Business PLR articles, 25 Internet Marketing PLR articles, 25 Marketing PLR articles, 25 Personal Finance PLR articles and 25 Weight Loss PLR articles. Membership download (313 KB zip) […]

Dog Training Tips Ebook

100 Dog Training Tips > MRR Ebook

MRR Pet ebook “100 Dog Training Tips: comes with 100 to the point tips on dog training, some tips include Train your dog in a place free from distractions, Reward your dog’s good behavior, Be serious in giving a command, Training your dog with a leash and a collar, Making corrections, Be aware of your […]


100 Cover Letter Tips > MRR Ebook

MRR ebook “100 Cover Letter Tips” comes with 100 quick to the point cover letter tips, some which include Read your cover letter several times, The importance of a cover letter, Make sure the information in your letter is consistent, Your cover letter can serve the same function as your resume’s job objective, Let your […]


100 Bowling Tips > MRR Ebook

MRR ebook “100 Bowling Tips” comes with 100 to the point bowling tips, some of which include Watch bowling competitions on TV, Dream about bowling, Choose the bowling alley you want to play in, Hiring a bowling coach, Take a deep breath, Making sure that your fingers fit the ball properly, Adjusting the steps you […]


Digital Publishing Reports > Resell PDF Reports

Resell package “Digital Publishing Reports” comes with 4 reports Kindle Publishing Step by Step Guide, Publishing on the Nook – A Step by Step Guide, Publishing to iBooks Using Lulu and Top 10 Digital Publishing Tips. Also included is slideshow pdf “Top 10 Digital Publishing Tips”. No resale material included. Membership download (2.2 MB zip) […]

How to be Pinteresting

How to be Pinteresting > Personal Use Ebook

Pinterest Personal Use info ebook “How to be Pinteresting” looks at Getting Started, Changing Your Account Preferences, Creating Your Boards, How to Rearrange your Boards, Finding Followers, Promotion Techniques, Pinning Videos, How to Upload Videos and Images to Pinterest and How to Deactivate your Pinterest Account. Bonus ebook “75 Pinterest Best Practices” also included (75 […]

Affiliate Marketing Ebook

Affiliate Marketing Profits Unleashed > Resale Ebook

Internet Marketing resale ebook “Affiliate Marketing Profits Unleashed” looks into Introduction and ‘What Is Affiliate Marketing?’, Finding Products To Promote as an Affiliate, Main Affiliate Schemes, The Key Considerations, Making Sales With Email Marketing, Building Your List, Writing Promo Emails, Using Your Blog To Make Affiliate Sales, Banner Advertisements, Writing Review Posts, Increasing Your Affiliate […]

Public Speaking Exposed Ebook

Public Speaking Exposed >MRR Ebook

Self Improvement MRR ebook “Public Speaking Exposed” looks at How to Pick the Right Topic, Appealing to a Large Group, Keeping Things Simple, Know Your Audience, Research Your Audience, Speeches to Coworkers and Bosses, Academic Speeches, Interact with Your Audience, How to Write Your Speech, Think of Your Introduction as an Instrument or Tool, Drawing […]

MRR Health & Fitness Ebook

Turbo Metabolism > MRR Ebook

MRR Health & Fitness ebook “Turbo Metabolism” looks at Low Fat Labels, What is Metabolism?, The Medical Mumbo Jumbo, Anabolism and Catabolism, Metabolism and Weight Loss, Calories, A Final Word About Fat, Tips – Techniques – and Strategies for Boosting your Metabolism, Exercise, Build Muscle, Interval Training, Lifestyle, Don’t Hate Calories, Befriend Protein and Good […]


Health Niche Power Pack > Resale Niche Package

Health Niche Resell package “Health Niche Power Pack” comes with 112 health publications, Health Disorders Niche pdf, Health Resources Niche pdf, Health Phobias Niche pdf and Skin Ailments Niche pdf. No resale material included. Membership download (97.5 MB zip) [Content protected for Member members only] or buy Resell “Health Niche Power Pack” below.   Health […]

Making Money Online

The Ultimate Making Money Online Crash Course > MRR Video Package

Newbie Marketing MRR video instruction course comes with 6 videos Getting Started In Your Journey, The Truth About Traffic, Affiliate Marketing Riches, Product Empire Riches, Making Money Providing Online Services, Picking Your Profits. Reseller kit included (squeeze). Package includes give away rights. View Demo Squeeze Page . Membership download (28.9 MB zip) [Content protected for […]

Wrinkle Reverse > MRR Ebook

Health & Beauty MRR ebook “Wrinkle Reverse” comes with pdf, ecovers and resell pages. Topics covered include How and Why Skin Ages, Know Your Own Skin Type, Treating Oily Skin, Treating Dry Skin, Double Whammy – Combination Skin, How to Protect Your Skin, The Sun and Your Skin, Skin Creams and Wrinkles, Good Nutrition and […]

Vertigo Ebook

Natural Vertigo & Dizziness Relief > MRR Ebook

MRR Health ebook “Natural Vertigo & Dizziness Relief” comes with pdf, ecovers and resell pages. Ebook covers The Basic Idea Behind This Treatment, What is Autoimmune Disease?, Positional Balance Disorder, BPPV –  Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, Symptoms of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), Cause of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), Conventional Treatments, Labrinthitis, Symptoms of […]

Wordpress as a Content Hub

Use WordPress as a Content Hub > MRR Instruction Video

MRR WordPress Instruction Video “Use WordPress as a Content Hub” shows how to quickly use WordPress blog for other content. Video lenght 6:32 min. Included are Flash video files and resource docs. No resale material included. Membership download (15 MB) [Content protected for Member members only] or buy MRR “Use WordPress as a Content Hub”below. […]